Kokema Design is a Helsinki-based design agency founded in 2013 by Sabina Dontcheff and Hanna Pyrhönen which specializes in interior and architectural design. We design for both the public and private sectors and our services cover the whole engagement life-cycle, ranging from brainstorming to project management.



We believe that by creating spaces that successfully support our clients’ needs, we help them to increase their brand identity and generate greater employee satisfaction. This in turn facilitates the achievement of new goals and provides a clear boost in happiness.



We are passionate about our work and always aim at creating spaces that offer unique experiences. Our design principles are rooted in respecting clients’ opinions and resources, finding a flexible harmony between space and functionality and an active interaction between all stakeholders throughout the design process.



Commitment to work and the high level of responsibility which we assume constitute our core values. Our passion and faithfulness to our vocation help us to stay in focus and to perform the given tasks with a high degree of success.